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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

During the recent crisis family and friends (and the Boss) have been tremendously helpful and supportive, but Iíve spent a lot of time alone. More than once, when I didnít think I could make it on my own, Suzanne drove me to doctor appointments, and I got out a few other times to run errands and try to keep life as close to normal as possible. But mostly, I was on my own. Trust me, it was better that way.

And yet... And yet, I almost always (but not always always) felt better when I broke the pattern of staying in and nursing my symptoms hour after hour and day after day. Fortunately, I didnít have to work very hard for the pattern to change by itself, just about enough to keep me from going completely insane.

Ahem. For example. On two occasions I found different UPS drivers asleep in their trucks in my driveway. Both were cool guys who were a bit sheepish in their apologies, and both explained that this was the only place on the route where they could find a bit of shade. One I had to ask to move so I could get out of my driveway, and the other had to move so I could get in. I told them both the same thing, that they were welcome to use my shade any time.

The only problem with sharing my shade is that I canít see the big brown truck until Iím on top of it. Itís invisible when I pull my car out of the garage, and it also canít be seen from the street until I turn into the drive. And although I could tap on my horn and get the driverís attention, I donít do that. So they donít know thereís anyone wanting to get through until I rap on their window and wake them up. That gets a conversation started, which has been a nice change from all those days alone. And the conversation doesnít last long, which is also nice.

3 August 2010

Yesterday I had a different kind of encounter. I was sound asleep in the recliner at 1:30 in the afternoon when the Dominoís guy knocked on my door. ďYou didnít order a pizza, did you?Ē he asked, although he knew I hadnít. He was just lost, looking for the right street number on the wrong street. I let him use my phone to get directions from his customer, although I thought all pizza guys had at least cell phones, if not GPS. Anyway, another chatty fellow. And he woke me up just in time to watch the end of a pretty exciting race on TV, so itís all good.

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