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Monday, August 2, 2010

Being away from here so long wasnít exactly a conscious decision (until it was, I guess). I didnít want to write the same thing every day, and my health issues were the only thing on my mind. Toward the end of the hiatus, I started writing practice entries, but I didnít think leaping into the middle of the wave was the best way to come back. So I waited for low tide. (And with luck Iíll have something completely different to write about soon.)

Some good things came out of this bad episode. During the worst of it, I was getting to sleep early and sleeping eight or more hours a night. That was great, but it didnít last, and Iím pretty much back to the old pattern. I just think Iím not put together as a morning person, and I have to accept it.

Also, my doctor now knows who I am, and weíve developed a sort of trust that I havenít had with a doctor for a long time. Iím not scheduled to see him again until October, but if I feel the need, I wonít hesitate to call him or email him or make an appointment to see him. The blood panel gave him a chance to tell me (again) that I need to get more exercise, which Iím doing. He also wanted me to increase the amount of Vitamin D that I was already taking (because of my diet). Everything else was within normal range.

If thereís nothing I can do about this dizziness, I guess I can live with it, but itís one thing thatís hung on too long. The doctor asked me several times to describe it, and if it was vertigo, but I couldnít really tell the difference. I know that vertigo is a form of dizziness in which there is a feeling of motion where none exists, but it didnít feel like that at the time. Now Iím not so sure. Since itís not a constant problem, Iím giving it a little more time, hoping I can define the sensation more clearly the next time I see him.

26 July 2010

If youíre interested in the few back entries that I mostly wrote just for myself, they are on Xanga, starting here. Thereís not much content, but itís what got me back in the mood to write in the journal again. (Just click ďnewerĒ to navigate from one to the next.)

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