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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When I told the optician at Kaiser that my glasses hurt, she wanted to know if they hurt my face. I was in no mood for a snarky comeback. Anyway, I think she was serious. I think she wanted to know if the lenses made my eyes hurt, and thank goodness that isnít the case, because it would have introduced a whole new world of problems. I have enough problems with just my face.

This office has a whole panel of professional adjusters. The one I got was so good she could feel my pain just by looking at my glasses. She had me try them on several times before she was satisfied that they were no longer going to pinch my nose and ears. Then she loosened them one more time and told me to give them a couple of days for the sores to heal. She also warned me that I might have to come back and have them tightened back up again. I didnít think that was very likely.

On the other hand, whatís worse? You have the pain of glasses that are too tight, or the annoyance of glasses that are too loose. I can already see that as a possibility, because I found myself pushing them back up on my nose every few minutes today. I have to decide if itís worth going back and taking a chance that the adjustment will be overcorrected in the opposite direction. I guess that means Iíve made up my mind which is worse.

10 August 2010

Itís amazing how much brighter my outlook is now, and not only literally. I didnít realize how much the pain had been affecting my vision until the pain went away and my vision got better. Part of the reason I wasnít seeing well was that the band-aid I had to use to keep from screaming was working its way into my sight line. Another part was that the pain was making my eyebrows sweat all over my lenses. This is like an early release from prison, and Iím not inclined to mess with something thatís working as well as it is.

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