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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The lab tech who drew my blood this morning didnít hurt me (much), but she didnít exude the confidence the last one did. The blood wasnít gushing out fast enough to suit her, so I helpfully asked if it was my fault or hers. She said sometimes it pumps faster than others, but I wasnít sure if she meant the needle or my arm. She wiggled the needle a bit, but that didnít work. She said maybe I was too calm, as if I should have been jumping around while I waited. It didnít take any longer than normal, as far as I could tell. It always seems like forever until the needle comes out.

Anyway, Iíve fulfilled that part of my promise to my doctor. I told him I would do whatever he wanted me to do, and he wanted me to have lab tests in October. I also made an appointment with him for two weeks from now so he can tell me how well Iíve done in the last three months. I know I havenít got as much exercise as he wanted me to, because for the last two months Iíve hardly been able to walk without a limp, thanks to the pain in my knee that starts as soon as Iíve walked more than a few feet. So Iíve been sticking pretty close to home lately.

The knee pain was the least of my problems for about a month. Somehow in early September I twisted my left wrist in just the right way to tweak something inside, so that it hurt whenever I tried to use it for turning things or picking things up. Iíve had pain in my wrists before, but nothing like this. And the worst of it was that I could hardly use the keyboard. Any more than a little bit of typing and I was aching all the way up to my elbow (sometimes all the way to the shoulder).

That particular pain has eased a lot in the last week or so. I might not even mention it to the doctor when I see him, because I have so many other things to complain about (especially the knee). Mostly I feel as if Iím in pretty good health, though, and Iím hoping this visit will be the last for at least six months. I donít have any lab results back yet, so I donít know if thereís something unforeseen I should be worrying about.

So thatís part of the reason I havenít updated in over two months. Iíll try not to let that happen again. Another part of the reason was the dizziness that got me to the doctor in the first place last spring, and I havenít been bothered by that in recent days. Iíve just now typed enough to feel the dull ache starting in my wrist, though, so I canít promise daily updates, as in the old days.

8 September 2010

A little over a week ago the family got together to celebrate Johnís birthday, and it was such a good time that it was almost like the old days. Aiden and Kylie were there, of course. Thatís them in the photo above, helping Grandpa open his presents. (Clicking on the photo might take you to Flickr, which might lead you to three other shots of more or less the same three people.)

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