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Thursday, December 26, 2002

Yesterday was a great day. It was such a good day, in fact, that it'll take me until at least tomorrow to get over it. Today was supposed to be a normal work day, but it was hard to get much done when I was spending half my time in the bathroom. I'm just not set up for that, as I explained to the Boss.

We're coming up on the end of the year (so are you, in case you didn't know), and that means not just extra work, but extra thinking. I have to remember what the accountant told us we needed to do to pay the least possible amount in taxes (other than being an underhanded double-dealing oil executive, which isn't in the cards at this time).

There's something about how much we're supposed to have in our bank account, and how much of the credit line we're supposed to pay off, and how we're supposed to balance payables and receivables. Uff. What am I, a bookkeeper? How do I keep all these things straight? It's a headache of major proportions (as if I didn't have one already, from a much more pleasant source).

Some might say that the roiling stomach and reeling head are no worse than I deserve, after all the eating and drinking I did yesterday. But it was Christmas! It's a traditional day of overindulgence, just like Thanksgiving and New Year's and Ground Hog Day and the entire month of July. So a little wine, and some hors d'oeuvres, and then a little more wine, and then a big, wonderful meal with two desserts... it's just me, doing my part.

It's keeping me from working the way I should today, though. More importantly, it's keeping me from playing with all my new Christmas toys. I'd planned to spend the day vacuuming with the Dirt Devil my nephews gave me, but that will have to wait. I did make a cup of the cocoa that David got me, and drank it in the NASCAR mug that came with it. And I listened to the Elvin Bishop CD from Eric.

Wait till you see what I got from Suzanne. It's a ceramic rock fountain, a small one that's perfect for my living room. I have it on the top of the speaker where the fallen amaryllis once sat. I haven't filled it and plugged it in yet, but I'll show you when I do. She and John also got me A Hard Day's Night, the special two-disc DVD.

It was quite a haul, and that's not even everything. In spite of all my agonizing (or maybe because of it), everyone seemed to like the things I picked out for them, as well. It was mostly books, calendars, music and movies, plus some novelty T-shirts. My gift giving shows some thought, if not much imagination. I don't stray far from the pattern I established when my nephews started to outgrow toys. How I miss those days, though. I love buying toys.


Christmas is officially over.

I'm sure by tomorrow I'll feel like my old self again. And that's a whole lot better than the self I'm feeling like today. I'll have more Christmas stories to tell, like how I kicked ass at Trivial Pursuit. Okay, that's about it. That was the last of the stories, except for Uncle Bob. I'll show you Uncle Bob tomorrow.

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