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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The hardest thing Iíve ever done is spend a day doing nothing. Today, with the auditor here for nearly three hours, I had no choice. He was sprawled out (or rather, his laptop and papers were sprawled) over my entire workspace, and all I could do was sit quietly at the computer and pretend to be busy while he copied the lines of numbers Iíd given to him.

I couldnít talk, and I even had to cut short some phone calls I really wanted to take. I couldnít move around, because he was pretty much in the way, like the elephant in the punch bowl (or however that goes). Besides, Iíd cleared off all my own work and piled it on the bed, out of sight, so he could have the space. I just didnít think it would take most of the day, or be so exhausting.

So I caught up on a few journals, and cleaned up about half of the dead links on my Links page. Iíll get to the rest of those next audit, I guess. Some I kept around for old timesí sake, since I donít know that anyone else uses that page the same way I do. It was hard to concentrate on anything that would have been more productive, so I didnít even try.

And when he left, a little after four in the afternoon, I kept on not trying. I was ready for a nap and a cookie, and just to show how worn out I was from all this doing of the nothing: I took the nap first.

6 December 2005

December greenery.

In olden times when I worked in a shoe store, the days with no customers were the hardest to recover from. I could run around all day during back-to-school season, up and down ladders and back and for the from the stockroom, and never be half as tired as Iíd be after a day in the middle of June when no customer came through the gate all day. Thatís what I felt like today.

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The Dodgers got a little better today, by trading away a good player. It doesnít matter who they got for Milton Bradley, who was traded with infielder Antonio Perez for the Aís top minor leaguer, Andre Ethier. Itís addition by subtraction, getting rid of a disruptive player who creates problems on the team, so that the other players can be more productive. Now heís the Athleticsí problem, and maybe heíll have a good year. But maybe heíll throw things at fans, as he did in Los Angeles, or denigrate teammates, or spit at umpires. Heíll almost certainly, at some point, cost his team a game by not hustling, and heíll definitely alienate the reporters who cover the Aís. If he hits .300, itís probably a good trade for the Aís. Whether he hits or not, itís a good trade for the Dodgers.

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