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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Last winter the Bossís unwieldy son Tim brought me a load of gravel and had one of his minions spread it around the driveway. He was being nice, but they did a lousy job. The gravel was too fine and ended up sinking into the mud. Plus, he started at the wrong end of the drive and used too much of it there, leaving little for the other end where the real mud problems were. Are. Still are.

So when Tim called today to badger me about some problem or other, I casually mentioned that my driveway was muddy again. We have had so much rain this week that itís as bad as it was at its worst last winter, and this winter is still two days away from starting. The storm that blew through Sunday has gone, but there hasnít been a totally dry day yet this week, and more rain is predicted from now until the final gun (or at least the two-minute warning).

Itís not that I was demanding, but I hinted that if he wanted to do me another favor, maybe this time he should bring bigger rock, and more of it. I told him that the only places that are really bad are where he ran out of gravel last time. He still might not ask me where I want it to go, but this time I have sense enough to tell him (since he doesnít have sense enough to know).

Itís not as if heís actually doing me a favor, although thatís what heíd like me to think. Heís getting paid for his time, and so is his helper. The company is paying for the rock, and the fuel to get it here, and any meals (or beverages) they have on the way. Itís actually a pretty good use of his time, since Iím the one who signs his paycheck. Yesterday, in fact, he seemed so worried that this weekís checks wouldnít get to him on time that I made a special trip, out in the rain, to the post office on its busiest day of the year.

So yeah, do me a favor. Just donít expect me to get all starry-eyed.

18 December 2005

The flood off the back porch.

Bitter? Me? Heck no. Iím just tired, and sick of the rain. Somehow it has driven ants into my house again. I found them crawling up and down the inside partition between my kitchen and the desk where I work. And they were all over the desk, so I couldnít ignore them. I think I got them all, but I have no idea where they came from. There were none on the kitchen side of the wall, and that wall is nowhere near an outside entrance. Unless they came in through a crack in the ceiling and walked all the way across a beam, Iím mystified.

And winter doesnít even get here for two more days. Thatís the part that really depresses me. That and the sickly sweet smell of unscented Raid.

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