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Monday, December 19, 2005

For all of the bad things the Catholic Church has done — like stealing tax money to build great cathedrals, and shielding child molesters from punishment — if youíre born into the cult(ure), you never fully escape. Itís a little like being in the mob, only without the witness protection option.

It occurred to me today that I could never again go to confession with a straight face. Some of the things we were taught were sins are such a vital part of life in the real world that I donít believe there could be any Catholics in a Catholic heaven. And nobody can prove otherwise. (Impure thoughts? Give me a break.)

Even though I was never harmed by a priest, I feel as if they stole some of my childhood. It took years for me to get past the fear they instilled in me. They intimidated me into being a shadow of the person I might have been if I had felt free enough to think for myself. Iím way past all that now, but some scars remain.

The Catholics by no means have a monopoly on these twisted practices. Almost any organized religion will try to bend its subjects into some kind of submission, but some are worse than others. If they try to tell us what to eat, thatís one thing. If they tell us how to think, thatís worse. As a general rule of thumb, Iíd say that a religion that teaches people to hate has lost its credibility. And thereís a lot of that going around.

18 December 2005

Out the front door on a stormy day.

These thoughts came to me while I was in the shower this morning, and you can read into that whatever you want. Remember that when I was fourteen I was an altar boy and had to look the priest in the eye every Sunday morning (and help him get dressed). Thatís could be one reason my Saturday nights werenít all that much fun.

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How bad are the Packers? I could have won the football pool this week, but it would have taken a little more effort by the Packers. For one thing, they had to win, which they didnít. For another thing, they had to keep the score low. (Well, to be honest, their offense did their part by scoring only 3 points.) Once the total score got beyond 34 points, it didnít matter that the Ravens won (which they did, 48-3). I have no idea where all those points came from, because I donít think theyíve scored 48 points all season. (Not in one game. Iím talking about all their other games combined.) Anyway, itís another week with no payoff for me.

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