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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

When I went to bed last night, I knew Iíd have a little trouble getting up this morning. Not that thatís anything usual, of course, but today started out at an even slower pace than usual. Thatís okay, though, because what I needed to do today was a very specific set of tasks that will prepare me for the Bossís return to his desk tomorrow. Thatís when it will all hit the fan, and Iíll have to be at my best from the start. (Well, it could happen.)

I could wish I had one more day to decompress, or to ease back into the grind, but this day was almost it anyway. It was as good as I could have hoped for, at least. There were no particular crises, and I managed to accomplish the few key tasks that will get me ready for the big decisions the Boss and I will make tomorrow. Plus, it was Boxing Day, and I had English football playing on the box all day while I went about my business.

The best solution I could think of was to write a rather long-winded note to the Boss, outlining where I think we are and what I think we need to do. This tactic has its pitfalls, because (a) as we know, the Boss doesnít like to read anything longer than a greeting card, and (2) as we know, he likes to find fault with any plan that he didnít come up with himself. Still, I expect to muddle through tomorrow somehow. Thereís no choice, really. Weíre up against the deadline, and thereís no time for wiggling.

26 December 2007

The pillowcases match my sheets and comforter surprisingly well. The pillows inside, though, are what helped me sleep better last night.

The most amazing present I got on Christmas this year was from Mom. She had some old home movies from the 1940s put on a DVD for Suzanne and me. There are scenes of the ranch where Mom grew up, and movies of her grandparents, her parents (my grandparents), and many of her aunts and uncles and cousins. The movies are from before I was born, but most of the people were still around when Suzanne and I were growing up.

I never met my great grandfather, though. He died a year before I was born, and this was the first time I got a chance to see him in anything other than a grainy still photograph. My grandfather died when I was nine, but I remember him exactly as I saw him in the movie. But before this I never got to see my mom when she was 16. Iíd heard stories, and now I know theyíre true. She was really something.

The movie is only about thirteen minutes long and covers a period of about four years, in brief sketches, but itís kind of incredible to sit in my living room and watch those scenes on my own TV set.

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