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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Itís beginning to look a lot less like Christmas. I wonít be taking the tree and lights down until the weekend at least, but most of the other parts and pieces that went into yesterdayís celebration have disappeared. Well, except for all my cool new stuff, and all that food. Somehow I inherited a wondrous supply of leftovers (and Ericís pie, which he forgot).

One thing that lingers is the croup, or whatever it is thatís going through the family. Aiden is still sick, but gamely not letting it get him down. Which is more than I can say for myself this morning (and last night, and this afternoon). I had maybe my worst night of the year. I was lying in bed, still awake, at 4:00 am, and at 4:30 am, and so at 5:00 am I decided to get up and turn on the TV.

At 6:30 I went back to bed, and finally I managed to fall asleep. Then at 7:45 I heard a noise that woke me up. That hour and a quarter was the only sustained sleep I got all night. The phone didnít ring all morning, so I lazed around as much as I could, between trips to the bathroom. But I donít think I have what the rest of the family has been passing back and forth. I think I can blame nothing but my own overindulgence for the lousy way I felt all night and all day.

Still, I wouldnít trade yesterday for a whole year of perfect health. I would probably have skipped that last glass of wine, though.

25 December 2006

Aiden and David and the new race track.

I never made it out of the house today. It was raining miserably all day long, and if Iíd gone anywhere I would have had to make a stop at a gas station to fill my tank, which has been nearly empty since Friday night. Anyway, with all that food in the house there was no reason for me to go to the grocery store, and the post office will just have to wait one more day. Maybe two more days, if I still feel like this tomorrow.

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Either this was a glacially slow news day, or I canít concentrate on anything but my own problems. Or maybe I just donít want to check the news because I donít want to hear what Rosie and the Donald are saying about each other now. Can we all just get along? Or at least shut up?

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