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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My timing has felt a little off this week. I went to the post office the Monday after Thanksgiving, and then I went to the bank on the first day of the month. So today I stayed home, and thank goodness I could do that, because it was icy cold out in the world. Even in the California part of the world, where cold is relatively warm, it was too cold for me. Just walking to the mailbox and back froze my eyelashes.

Monday actually wouldnít have been so bad, even though itís supposed to be one of the post officeís busiest days of the year. I got there at a time when the line was fairly short, so I was convinced I wouldnít have to wait. Then one of the computer terminals went down and they had to close a window, which left only one clerk on duty. By that time the line behind me was out the door, so I thought it would be disrespectful to leave my place near the front. Anyway, it was warmer inside the post office than out.

The line at the bank wasnít moving very quickly Tuesday, but I had four checks to deposit and nowhere else more important to be, so I waited it out. They even opened up an extra teller window, and I was lucky enough to get a manager to help me. That meant I didnít have to wait for someone else to come and authorize my deposit. (They do make it difficult to put money in their bank sometimes.) I didnít have any time left to do any other errands, but at least the deposits got made.

1 December 2009

So maybe this wasnít such a bad week after all. Actually, my timing seems to have been pretty good, all things considered. I guess I should have tried to do some shopping today, but the deeper we get into December the less eager I am to be anywhere near a mall. I expect this to be a low key Christmas, centered around the little ones, but if Iím not going to a real store to shop, Iíd better get started soon on whatever virtual shopping will get me through the season. Timing is just that important.

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