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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Itís not shopping I hate; itís shopping carts. I figured that out yesterday in Kmart and applied it today in Target. Itís actually quite a relief to have figured this out so early in the shopping season (although I doubt Iíll be frequenting the stores and malls all that much, because I really do hate shopping). (As well as its carts.)

It was a sign of hopeful optimism that I even took a cart and pushed it through Kmart. I rarely find what Iím looking for there, and the layout isnít very intuitive, so I end up wandering up and down the same aisles over and over. Thatís exactly what happened, in fact. I wouldnít have gone in there in the first place, but I got a tip. I wonít say what I was after, because the intended recipient might get wind of it, but I had it on some authority that I could find it at Kmart. That turned out to be sadly illusory.

The worst part of the trek through the ímart was trying to get close enough to the items so that I could know what I was looking at. Everybody else had a cart, and they didnít seem to be having any trouble. They were just in my way, so that I had to make a lot of U-turns. I wandered and poked around and had no luck, so I took the cart back to the front of the store and went back to look again without it. I still didnít find anything, but it was a much more pleasant experience.

So I came home and ordered the items on line. The cost of shipping turned out to be a lot less than the value of the time I wasted.

27 November 2006


Today in Target I didnít take a cart. I knew exactly what I wanted, and I was determined to buy no more than I could carry in my two hands. That worked out ever so much better, and I came home from that store with a much better attitude. Plus, I didnít have to drive nearly as far, so the traffic didnít get to me as much. And, I know my way around that store better, so it wasnít as frustrating. Mostly, though, Iím glad I wasnít pushing a cart. All those other shoppers still got in my way, but it was way easier to squeeze by them.

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That estimable sage Bill OíReilly claims to have invented the phrase ďSan Francisco values,Ē commonly used by pundits of his ilk to attack their opponents. Daily Kos has a reply thatís worth reading.

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