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Friday, December 11, 2009

Well, it really feels like winter now. The hard frost and temperatures in the teens we had earlier this week didnít feel like winter in the North Bay. They just felt like a side trip to Wisconsin or New Brunswick or Siberia. (Someplace really cold. Thatís what Iím going for.) Today it was grisly and drizzly all day, with some actual raindrops in the afternoon and rain tonight. No snow, though. That doesnít belong here. Itís not part of our winter.

And itís only what, ten days early? If spring comes a little early, I can stand a few extra days tacked onto the beginning of winter. Anyway, Iím adapting. Iíll be living in sweats for the next few months, and going out even less often than before.

Winter is here, so Iíll be turning on every light in the house as early as I need to. Iíll keep the furnace on as high as I think I can afford, and run the space heater whenever I feel the chill. Iíll drag down the mud boots from the loft and put them on every time I have to trudge up the drive to the mailbox. Iíll be making soups and stews and using them as comfort food, to replace the cookies and doughnuts I can no longer have. Iím adapting.

6 December 2009

The other way I have of coping with the Dark Times is by surrounding myself with family and friends. I know that means leaving the house, since thereís nothing here for anyone, but Iím okay with that. Suzanne and I had coffee together this morning. We have two birthdays scheduled for next week, and then there are the serious holidays, where mirth and merriment override all the bad times and bad weather. If we can make it through what weíve already endured this year, we can certainly get through the next three weeks, and the three months afterward that it takes for the sun to get revved up again.

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