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Monday, December 14, 2009

Thereís something about this time of year that brings out the best and the worst in me. Sometimes itís hard to tell which is which. Is the side of me that weeps at sloppy sentimental movies-of-the-week on the Hallmark Channel good or bad? Given that, where on the scale do I register the fact that I watch the same movies (with the same reactions) year after year?

My thoughts can be even more ponderous than usual during the holidays. This could be a good thing, if it helps me say what I feel in a way that makes me a little more transparent. Itís not so good when I go off on tangents, lost in the world of words and losing the sentiments in the sentences.

See what I mean?

In December, the highs are a little higher and the lows can be way down in the depths. The happy shiny people waving and smiling at each other almost make up for the fact that the sun disappears for long periods of time and the mud in my driveway will never ever go away again. Personally, I just go with the flow (if by that you mean my mood swings are even more violent than usual, depending on the smiles and the mud).

12 December 2009

Lifetime, too? Yes. Lifetime, too. (But never ABC Family. Those movies are the worst.)

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