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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shouldnít I know by now that I canít make ďplansĒ? Any agenda is entirely dependent on the whims of (a) the Boss, (2) my sleep habits, and (c) fate. Or luck, if you want to put it less fatalistically. Luck has so much to do with everything that happens, and itís so random that ďplansĒ are best written in pencil. Virtual pencil, even.

What Iím saying is, I thought I knew how my day was going to go, and then an unbelievable confluence of catastrophes sent it careering in another direction altogether. Plans were strewn willy-nilly along the muddy road of life, only to be gathered up with the hope that the next attempt will be more successful, because it has to be, because there are things that have to be done no matter what gets in the way.

Itís hard not to wonder what I might have done — me, personally — to make this day better. Short of changing my whole personality, Iím not sure. Iím a night owl, and last night was a particularly late one, only because the cues I take to know when itís safe to go to bed didnít happen until the wee hours were already turning into the predawn hours. Thereís no use retiring if Iím going to toss and turn, so I donít. So I oversleep the next morning and get a late start on the day. That wreaks havoc with plans of all kinds.

The best thing would have been to make different plans in the first place. Going in, I knew this was going to be the fifteenth day of the month, the day I do both the Kennel payroll and the Kennel billings, labor- and time-intensive undertakings best accomplished with an extra block of time allotted for them. It was also going to be Tuesday, payroll day for the Company. Thatís the most exhausting thing I do all week, every week. What was I thinking, making any other plans?

Never could I have foreseen the other monkey wrench. Itís not even the Bossís fault. Heís actually doing the hard work on getting us paid for a job we finished earlier this month. My only part is telling him when heís veering off course in the paperwork heís trying to get from subcontractors. Iíve done our part, and I know what the State is looking for. When I see someone elseís mistake, itís my job to let him know how to fix it. Then he deals with whomever he has to deal with. I had no warning that this would take up so much time on a day when that commodity was this precious.

With all this in mind, I canít blame the Boss for how screwed up the day turned out, especially after his almost generous bonus check last week. It was almost enough to almost pay off my credit card debt, which I almost did, and now itís completely gone. But still, I have to be grateful, and I am. It does make it easier to take all the hoo-hah and folderol, nearly as much as it makes it harder to complain about it.

12 December 2009

The upshot of all this is that the shopping trip Iíd planned for today will have to be made Thursday instead. Everything that had to get done today got done today, and the lights on the tree are still twinkling and the power stayed on, and really, thereís so little to complain about that it becomes an effort sometimes. (There. I feel every entry should have a happy ending, if at all possible.)

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