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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just when I was driving home from my errands, all happy that despite the proximity of the impending holiday, people seemed to be managing to get from one place to another without going all crazy on the roadways, I was nearly broad-sided by a Buick. I was waiting in the left turn lane, and when the left turn arrows turned green in both directions, this driver saw green and pulled straight into my path, despite the fact that her light to go straight through was still red.

Fortunately, Iím always on the defensive against idiots, even when traffic seems to be flowing smoothly. Iím especially wary at this time of year, and we saw each other in time. I braked. She braked. No collision, but much waving of arms. She threw both of her arms in the air, which I took as a form of apology. I threw my arms up, too, which she could take however she wanted. I didnít care, but I came out smiling and in one piece, so I just hope that next time sheíll watch all the lights and make sure she knows which one is for her.

12 December 2009

Even though traffic on the streets of Santa Rosa was with that one exception not crazy-go-nuts, I had to wonder what was going on in the parking lot of the small strip mall where I went to do a little emergency marketing. Why they would tear it up and have whole sections blocked off with yellow tape and overturned shopping carts a week before Christmas, Iím not sure. There were trucks drilling holes, but the asphalt seemed to have enough holes in it already. Perhaps that was the problem. The rain weíve had brought out the worst in our roadbeds. It was Pothole City all over the place.

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