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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Itís possible I spoke out of turn today. I often look back on things Iíve said and wonder how they might have been misinterpreted. Itís happened so often in my life I should be used to it, but every time it does I get a sinking feeling. Still, itís hard to go through life without second guessing yourself, almost every day. If you donít, youíre probably not putting enough effort into informing your actions with thought and reason.

Anyway, todayís regret was a minor one. I was walking out to the mailbox in the cold and damp late this afternoon and happened upon an old neighbor. Heís still a neighbor, but nine years ago we lived in two halves of the same duplex. At the time he had children who played loud music, and I let my landlord know I was unhappy with sharing a common wall. So when the house Iím in now became available, I moved. Same landlord, a few hundred yards away from the noise. It has worked out. Nine years in one location is testament to that fact.

It might have been nine years since Iíve spoken to this former neighbor, but he was running his dog in the field between my old place (where he still lives) and my new place. He spoke up first, and we exchanged a few words about how the neighborhood had changed in nine years. It hasnít much, really, except that more cars travel the road now than did then. He joked that he might have to move to get away from the traffic. I joked that my next move would be even farther out into the country.

12 December 2009

Well, thereís my mistake, see. Or my potential pitfall. Heís much closer to our landlord than I am, and Iíd hate to have it get back to him that Iím thinking of moving. Because Iím not. And the last thing I want is for the landlord to get nervous and rent this place out from under me. I donít know that that will ever happen, and my inclination is to believe it wonít. Nothing will come of this innocent conversation, but I kind of wish I hadnít mentioned moving.

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