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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Whenever I have a day like this, when I wonder how far past this dreary summer Iíve actually come, I also wonder if my doctor (a) ever took me seriously, and (2) knew that what he told me to do would make me better. I canít wonder too often, because most of the time I know Iím better, either because of or in spite of my doctor (and myself).

The last time I saw the doctor, my blood pressure was so high that he asked me if I was sure I was taking the medication every day. Then he prescribed a different one, which I have also taken faithfully every day since. My blood pressure is down almost all the way to where it should be, certainly within the safe range. But I still have an achy feeling that comes and goes, and I still have the occasional day, like today, when the headache and dizziness makes it seem I havenít come very far at all from the dreariness of last summer.

He wants to see me again in February or March, not just to check my blood pressure but also to check my glucose and cholesterol. Iím supposed to be taking classes in prediabetes and lowering cholesterol, but I havenít found a convenient time during this hectic season. Iím also supposed to be walking (or otherwise exercising) at least 150 minutes a week. Thatís the one thing I am doing, for whatever it turns out to be worth. I guess weíll see in February or March.

The odd part is that this was a high energy day for me. I got my errands done, did my treadmill work, got the payroll finished and felt good. Late in the afternoon, though, I felt light-headed. I assumed it was because I hadnít eaten enough (I do forget sometimes, when I get busy), but even after making sure I had plenty to eat, I felt queasy and a bit off-kilter. I canít let this go on too long, but at least itís a good reminder of what a lousy year this has been, health-wise.

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