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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ordinarily, when it's gray and gloomy and rainy all day, I sink into a trough of depression. Today the weather was like that, but it didn't affect my mood much. That's partly because I didn't sleep all night and was so sluggish nothing could have made me move any slower. And it's partly because I recognized that this weather was a perfect commentary on how last night had ended.

Even through the rain, there was very little daylight to be seen between the time I finally gave up and crawled out of bed late this morning, and the time the real nighttime darkness set in fairly early this afternoon. And I made no use whatever of the little daylight I saw. I spent the whole day in the same clothes I slept in (not to mention the same skin). Let's just call this a washout of a day.

Stuck in the mud. Lovely metaphor, don't you think, for the way things go sometimes? I'm just glad that I'm not still stuck, and that the mud didn't do any damage, and that there are solutions to getting stuck in the mud, if you have a little help. I was shaken last night, but I'm looking forward to a sunny tomorrow. Better happen, or I don't know what.

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