bunt sign
Spring Training: No cans, bottles or negative thoughts beyond this point.

February 2002

February 1 To Heart
February 2 Two-Two-Oh-Two
February 3 Too Much?
February 4 Time to Stop
February 5 Quiet, Too Quiet
February 6 More Than Two Sides
February 7 Tonight Today
February 8 Joy to the World
February 9 Day Two
February 10 Top to Bottom
February 11 Too Close
February 12 Out to Bid
February 13 Two-Footed Landing
February 14 Lucky to Be Lazy
February 15 Time to Move On
February 16 Into the House
February 17 In Too Deep
February 18 To the Post
February 19 Down to Basics
February 20 Too Early to Tell
February 21 Too Late
February 22 Nation to Nation
February 23 Two For the Show
February 24 On to Torino
February 25 Right to Vote
February 26 Number Two Pencil
February 27 Dance to the Music
February 28 Toucans in the Tulips

snow in California

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