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Monday, February 28, 2005

Not to go all technical on you, but I screwed up royally today.

It could have been a disaster, and I could have lost not only this yearís Big Project, but part of last yearís as well. And as much as Iíd like to blame myself, it was really just that one mistimed phone call that made me lose my place, and when I went back to my spreadsheet I started entering all the wrong data in all the wrong spaces.


Luckily (for once), I hadnít saved any of the bad work, so I could go back to a previous version of the spreadsheet. Unluckily (and foolishly), I hadnít saved anything at all for about an hour, so I had to go back and reconstruct everything Iíd done in that hour. Somehow, probably according to some natural law, it took more like two hours.

And it all worked out for the better, because I found some errors that I think I made in the lost version of the spreadsheet, and by the time Iíd corrected those (by doing the whole thing over), Iíd found a neater, more efficient, and (most importantly) more elegant way of doing what I was trying to do. Because if you canít see the artistry in it, itís not worth doing (except for the money, and thereís not enough of that in it to matter).

Thisíll work out great the next time I have to do the Big Project. Itíll work out great, that is, if I remember what I did right (and what I did wrong) this time. Iím not counting on that, though.

22 February 2005

Distant storm clouds, heading east.

Iím at that dangerous point where Iím almost ready to turn over the Big Project to the Boss and the accountant, and let them start peppering me with questions and pleading for revisions. Iím not all that eager to take this next step, not because I donít want the questions and revisions (although I donít), but because Iím not yet fully comfortable with the way all the numbers fit together. I told them Iíd need another week, so giving it to them today would unrealistically raise expectations. I donít need that kind of heartache.

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The first time I looked up at the clock today, it was 6 pm. No wonder my eyes were blurry and my back was aching. But I got to a stopping point, anyway. The next problem will be finding a starting point to get back at it, because I have bills to pay and payroll to run before I can wade back into the pool. Itís like starting over every morning, with not much more than a flickering memory to build on. In other words, Iím living the plot of Groundhog Day.

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