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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

In spite of what you may have been told, it really doesnít take all that much to make me happy. Sometimes you can give me nothing but rocks and itíll make my day.

The Bossís much-maligned son Tim showed up in my driveway this morning and proceeded to fill the ruts with gravel. Iíve been driving through rivers and lakes ever since the rainy season started, splashing my way in and out. Once upon a time I lived under the fantasy that my landlord would maintain the driveway, but he has basically abandoned me, knowing that I wonít rock the boat (which would no doubt sink anyway).

Luckily, I had some advance warning that this would happen, so I wasnít sitting around in my underwear watching soaps and eating bonbons when Tim arrived. Last week I casually mentioned the sloppy driveway to him, and he asked if I would like him to bring some gravel. I didnít have the presence of mind to say no, mostly because itís something I almost thought about doing myself.

He even asked me to go to the local quarry and pick out the kind of fill I wanted and price it. I didnít have the presence of mind to say no to that, either, although thereís no way I ever intended to do it. And he didnít ask again; he just showed up. Naturally, the company will pay for the material, and weíll also pay for his time and the time of his helper, so heís not out anything for his goodwill gesture.

Not that Iím looking a gift horse in the mouth, oh no. Iím seriously grateful for the effort. It made today bearable, unlike every other work day in the last month and a half. I felt lighter somehow, even under all that rock.

28 February 2005

Treetop clouds.

Alas, not everything works out as well as one might hope. It was raining hard by the time I walked out to get my mail this afternoon, but was I worried? No! Of course not. My driveway was rocky and dry now, right? Except that the gravel was a little soft, and he hadnít saved enough for the really big holes out by the entrance. Before I realized this, Iíd sunk up to my ankles in mud. But at least it was rocky mud.

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The local news tonight reported that the Bay Area is expecting to have a wetter season than Seattle. As we all know, this will force every standup comic on the west coast to change their routine. (Kind of like the way Iím changing the rules of grammar, or at least acceding to the new reality.)

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