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Thursday, February 23, 2006

We have a very sick baby in the family. Poor little Aiden, one of the people in this world who least deserves to be in pain, is in the hospital tonight with pneumonia. At this point we donít know if theyíre going to keep him overnight, but heís been to the doctor several times in the last few days with stomach flu, and he was so lethargic tonight that Tammy took him to the emergency room.

They told her he wasnít dangerously dehydrated, which is what she had feared when she took him in. But they also wanted to do a chest X-ray, and that showed the pneumonia. So they are pumping him full of saline and antibiotics and doing whatever it is they do for a 21-month-old in that condition. I donít know, but I saw the look on his face and he just wasnít our happy little toddler. His eyes had that haunted look, and he wouldnít eat.

He did try to talk and laugh, though, because thatís the kind of child he is. Thatís part of the problem, of course. Heís so good-natured and eager to please that itís hard to tell when heís sick. When heís so sick that he shows it, you have to take it seriously. Some of the doctors he saw earlier in the week might have to bear some of the responsibility for his current condition, because they didnít look closely enough to see how sick he really was.

18 February 2006

Cloud creatures.

At least the other three kids seem to be healthy, which is a blessing. Tammy and David are holding up the best they can, but itís heartbreaking to see a child like Aiden without the spark that makes him the special person we know him to be. When I was with him tonight, before he went back to the hospital, he looked up and saw me and gave me the usual ďHi, Uncle MikeĒ in a sorry little scratchy voice that told me a lot about how bad he was feeling.

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Not that Iíve had years of experience analyzing the sport or anything, but the womenís Olympic final might have been the best curling game Iíve ever seen. Switzerland gave up a point to Sweden in the ninth end to go down by two, but they did it to get the hammer, which they used in the tenth to tie the score and send the game to an extra end. In the eleventh, they left the Swedes with a nearly impossible double take-out to make for the win, and Swedish skip Anette Norberg made a perfect shot to win the gold medal, 7-6. It was a game where both teams made great shots almost every time they had a chance, and a game well worthy of an Olympic final.

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