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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Everyone is sick over at the House of Many Children, so Iím staying away. I was there today, but the only one home was Kylie, and she wonít let me get close enough to catch anything from her, so I think Iím safe. Besides, she looked perfectly healthy to me.

Wait, no. She wasnít home alone. I got to say goodbye to Suzanne, who is leaving for a week and a half on a much needed and well deserved vacation, and I hope she enjoys every minute of it. Once she gets there. Not much of a flyer, my sister.

Neither am I, for that matter, but not out of fear. I just get annoyed with all the garbage you have to go through to get on a plane, and a little sick from the motion. But I donít have anywhere to go, so it works out fine for me.

I could use a little time away, though. I could use a break from work stress, and I could really use some distance between my nose and whatever is making it all snuffly all the time lately. I had to take some unplanned time for myself in the middle of the day today, with a shattering headache (and a bloody nose, from over-blowing). And the thing is, we still have a month to go before spring is official.

15 February 2006

Clouds on the eastern horizon.

But thereís nowhere to go. Iím not sure thereís any place thatís safe for sinus sufferers, the way they used to try to sell us on Arizona. So everybody moved down there, and they planted a bunch of trees, and now look where they are. Itís just another sneeze garden.

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Canadaís menís curling team took control of its match with the U.S. from the very first end and ended it with five points in the ninth to put it away, 11-5. The Canadians went for impossible shots and made them with confidence, while the U.S. team couldnít quite find the right shot at the right time. It only takes one bad shot here and there to turn a game into a rout, and Canada wasnít making bad shots today. As a result, they will play Finland for the gold medal, while the U.S. will have a chance to win the bronze. To do that, theyíll have to beat the Scots again, and thatís a tall order. Especially if theyíre missing shots. (Meanwhile, the Canadian women were outplayed by Switzerland, who beat them 7-5 and will play Sweden for the gold medal. Canada will play Norway for the bronze.)

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