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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Runny nose. Canít stop sneezing. Scratchy throat. Burning, watery eyes.

Does this sound like a healthy person to you? And yet, here I am, lucky that Iím not feeling any worse, considering where Iíve been and what Iíve been exposed to over the last week. I have to hope that itís ďonlyĒ allergies, because that would mean itís nothing that (a) I caught from anyone, or (2) I could give to anyone. The best case scenario is that Iím just miserable, and not really ďsick.Ē

At least the rest of the family (most of them, anyway) seems to be better off than we could have hoped just a couple of days ago. Aiden no longer has a fever, and Kylie has a mild case of the stomach virus. (Although whatís really ďmildĒ when youíre six months old?) We have no reason no to think that the worst is over.

15 February 2006

Cloud with weight.

And tomorrow being Monday, Iím hoping to get back to something like normal. I did absolutely no work this weekend, for the first time in forever. I really need to start feeling well enough and strong enough to get about three daysí work done tomorrow. Actually, I need to get that much work done no matter how I feel, which means that it will get done. It will just be easier if I feel a little better than I do today.

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Like the Games themselves, NBCís Olympic coverage wasnít perfect, but it was very good. Itís hard to quibble, really, because after all, you canít not show the bobsled events. (However, you donít have to interrupt the figure skating gala time after time to show them.) I would have liked a little more of the personal portraits of the athletes that used to be so common. NBC provided a few of these, but not enough to keep one Alpine skier from blurring into another, at least in my mind. I know the Austrians know whoís who on the mountain, but I donít. One thing, though, NBC: Donít let anybody tell you there was too much curling. To me, that was the best thing you did in the last 17 days, and Iíd appreciate a little continuity of coverage between now and Vancouver. Thanks.

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