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Friday, February 2, 2007

Friday is still a pretty good day, but I think itís the day I wake up the most fatigued of any day of the week. The cumulative effect of getting to sleep later and later throughout the week makes it that much harder to wake up on Friday morning. I could really use an extra hour (or two) of sleep on Fridays. Got it?

So when the phone rang at 8:05 am today, I was blissfully asleep. Maybe you think I should have been at my desk slaving away. I know thatís what the Boss thinks, because he was the one calling. Iím sure heíd been watching the clock since about 6:00 am, waiting for a time when he felt justified in phoning me. To my credit, I think I sounded fully awake when I answered. I wasnít, but I kept the charade alive for his benefit.

What he was calling about so urgently at that ridiculous hour was a promise Iíd made to him earlier in the week. Tim has taken it into his head that heís going to give the job of maintaining the company web site over to someone else. (Julie thinks itís someone heís sleeping with, but I wouldnít know about that. She has her own agenda.) Anyway, I promised the Boss I would make it possible for this unknown entity to wreak whatever havoc they have in mind on our site.

Ay, thereís the rub. I set up a second user account for the companyís domain name, with its own password, but then I couldnít figure out how to make it work. Sometimes it takes a day or two, or the rebooting of a server or some such thing, to get these kinds of changes to take effect, so I wasnít worried the first two or three times it didnít work. After the Bossís call today, I was a little worried.

Obviously, I wasnít about to give someone else my own password, because that would give them access to this journal. I donít expect to stay hidden forever, and Iíll have my ducks all lined up with a cover story before that ever happens. Iím so fortunate that the people I most fear are the most digitally unsophisticated people I know in this modern world. That eases my worries enough to allow me to live with them.

So the first thing I did after I got up (oh, 45 minutes or so after that jarring phone call) was work things out with our web host. I think I have it set up the right way now, and anyway, itís too late if I donít, because I already emailed the information to Tim. I am oddly serene about this. And I take no proprietary interest in the company web site any more, so let them have at it. It was the first thing I put on line, several years ago, and it showcases my lack of design skill and lack of web sophistication. But it is easy to navigate and simple to understand, and I take a little pride in that.

31 January 2007

Eerie afternoon sky.

One reason I was so sanguine about the early morning call from the Boss was that it was the third time Iíd been rousted from sleep already today. The first was a call from a number with a 999 area code. That looked a little fishy to me, so I didnít answer, and they didnít leave a message.

A few minutes after that, I heard the bottled water truck pull up in my driveway. The delivery was supposed to have been Tuesday, and Iíd fired off an email to the company last night, not wanting to run out of water. Iíd left the empty bottles out all week until last night, so now I have the two full ones and two empties competing for space in my tiny kitchen. I actually jumped out of bed and grabbed the empties, but the driver didnít look back as he drove away while I stood on my porch waving five-gallon water bottles back and forth in the air over my head.

So I went back to bed, which was by far my best move of the day.

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