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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

As I walked out to the end of the driveway to get my mail this afternoon, it occurred to me that this would probably be the last time Iíd be doing that for a while. At least, the last time without strapping on my boots and trudging through the mud. After the third driest January ever recorded around here, we are due for rain and more rain, and wind. The paper even predicts power blackouts Thursday night, which will make it really nice for those of us who want to watch the first episode of Survivor Fiji.

Of course, the weather guessers arenít always right, but they seem so certain this time. Iím glad I got to the bank and the grocery store today. I kind of wish Iíd put the trash and recyclables out last week, because Thursday night is my night, and I donít relish the prospect of hauling those two big cans out through the muck. Maybe I can wait another week and hope.

Iíve never liked rainy days, even when I donít have to go out in them. I find them quite dark (and not a little damp). Darkness is okay at night, but when it lasts all day long it gets to be too much. Weíre at the time of the year when the days are supposed to be getting longer, but itís still pretty dark by 5:30 pm. They keep moving the start of daylight savings earlier, but it hasnít reached all the way back to February yet. And any extra daylight we get in the morning, by not moving the clocks ahead, is of little use to me.

Itíll probably turn out that Iíll be even more reclusive than usual, at least during the first stages of the coming storm. Itís been so long since weíve had any sustained rainfall that Iím a little afraid of how people will be driving on the newly wet pavement. Other people, you understand. Iím not afraid of myself at all.

20 January 2007

Winter oak with wispy clouds.

Itís been weeks now since Tim asked if I needed any new gravel put down in my driveway. I told him I probably would, but not until it rained. That was the wrong thing to say, because it didnít rain and it didnít rain, and now itís going to rain and thereís no sign that heís still willing to bring some of his crew and a truckload of gravel to save me from sinking in the mire. I could remind him, I guess. Maybe Iíll do that.

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