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Monday, February 19, 2007

I donít know whatís worse, spending a holiday working or wasting a day when thereís so much work to get done. Unfortunately, I did a little of both today, and it was the worst side of both possibilities. I spent the day doing payroll, which is good, but after I was done I did very little the rest of the day.

Thatís bad. I should have been going full steam ahead on the Big Project, and not just because I sort of promised the Boss I would work on it every chance I got, but also because we got a letter from the bonding company wanting to see our year-end financial statements so that they can authorize new bonds for new work.

That, by the way, is exactly the reason the Boss is so hot for me to get it done. Weíve done really well over the last year, but we canít afford to stagnate, much less go backward. If we donít get new work, all the momentum is lost. Itís up to me now. The ballís in my court. Nothing proceeds unless I get the Big Project done, and I didnít do a lick of work on it today. What a waste.

11 February 2007

Bashful cloud.

I see our president took advantage of the holiday to compare himself with George Washington. That tremor on the east coast was the first George W rolling over. Bush shouldnít get his own holiday since heís already contributed mightily to Veteransí Day and Memorial Day. He canít have Presidentsí Day, too.

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