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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Today wasnít about today as much as it was about tomorrow. I tried to clear the way for finishing the Big Project by doing everything I could think of that might take up time tomorrow. I tied up loose ends and got ahead on paying company bills and dealt with a few other demands on my time.

So tomorrow Iíll put the finishing touches on the Big Project. Unless...

Unless the Boss starts faxing me busywork first thing in the morning, or just after lunch, or any time in the middle of the afternoon.

Unless Tim decides itís a good time to chat about the direction the company is taking, in one of those meandering conversations, both endless and pointless, that he likes to indulge in.

Unless the sky falls down, or my ulcer acts up, or my tendonitis and bursitis all come back at once and keep me from being able to work the keyboard (or my brain).

11 February 2007

Winter trees and clouds.

I do have high hopes that even if I donít finish the Big Project tomorrow, Iíll get so close that I canít miss having it done by the weekend. It will be huge relief to get this off my desk and onto the Bossís, although the truth is that as soon as he has it, heíll start trying to tweak it. It will go back and forth between us several times before it goes to the accountant, but that process canít begin until I get my part done. Tomorrow? Maybe, thanks to all the odds and ends I swept out of the way today.

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