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Friday, February 23, 2007

The stiff neck I got yesterday not quite finishing the Big Project almost kept me from going the rest of the way today. I was in pain all day long, sometimes wincing in anguish and other times almost forgetting it was there, until I turned my head or lifted my arm. It was worst when I drove to the post office this morning, because it seemed that every time I pressed my right foot down on the gas pedal, the pain would shoot up my leg and into the left side of my neck. Iím not quite sure how that works, but I felt it so I know itís true.

Turning corners and checking behind me before pulling into another lane were operations almost too painful to perform, but I endured them for the sake of others on the road. At this point I wasnít worried about myself as much. I guess my senses had been dulled, or maybe heightened to the point where all kinds of pain were received with the same intensity anyway.

So once I made it home I was determined not to go out again today, no matter what. I looked through the medicine cabinet for something that might help, but the ibuprofen bottle had an expiration date that read ďMay 2002,Ē so I threw that out and took the faux-Motrin instead. That stuff wonít go bad until this coming August, so I was safe. I took twice the recommended dosage, which might account for the sweet lethargy that enfolded me the rest of the day. I used ice off and on, and by tonight the pain wasnít as intense. I think rest was the best cure I could have prescribed for myself, and Iím just glad I was able to follow through.

22 February 2007

Light and dark clouds.

I did finish the Big Project, though, at least to my own satisfaction, and thank goodness it only took about an hour or Iíd have abandoned it. Iím sure the Boss will have something to say about the final product that goes to the accountant, but I faxed my own version to him late enough in the afternoon that I knew he wouldnít have time to tweak it today. And since heís going to be out of town for the weekend, I think Iím free and clear to keep icing my back until Monday. By that time I think Iíll be ready to tackle whatever comes my way again.

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