bunt sign
"Good pitching will always stop good hitting, and vice versa."
--Casey Stengel

January 2001

January 1 Looking Forward
January 2 Clearing the Air
January 3 Different Worlds
January 4 Random Play
January 5 Batting Around
January 6 Maybe the Last Time, I Don't Know
January 7 White Elephant
January 8 Precision Timing
January 9 Out of the Tunnel
January 10 One
January 11 Glub! Glub! Glub!
January 12 Well, You Asked
January 13 Winter Respite
January 14 Musical Barriers
January 15 Flying Low
January 16 Changed Conditions Ahead
January 17 Coming Undone
January 18 Out of the Box
January 19 End of Days
January 20 Power Mad
January 21 Treading Quicksand
January 22 A Softer Voice and a Sharper Eye
January 23 Pebbles
January 24 Waters, Babble On
January 25 Input/Output
January 26 Hail, Infrequently
January 27 Fixing a Hole
January 28 Work Out
January 29 Sunday Supplement
January 30 Rattled
January 31 Meet in the Middle

birds of prey

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