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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Now that Iíve finished everything that absolutely has to be done by the end of the month, I can start doing the hard part. The Big Project looms, wherein I try to make sense of the past year for the benefit of accountants, bonding companies and stockholders (of which there is only one, but Tim is lobbying hard to make it two).

The Boss said something a little twisted today. He told me that heís been trying to keep from sending me any busywork that he could do himself. He said that if it wasnít a ďbig deal,Ē he didnít mind doing it, since it seemed as if everything was a ďbig dealĒ with me lately.

I told him he was right. For the next two or three weeks, everything that keeps me from working on the Big Project will be a big deal. I thanked him for trying to shield me, since heís the one crying the loudest for the Big Project to be done. Every few days heíll say something like, ďI know youíre working as hard as you can, but the Big Project isĒ — you guessed it — ďa big deal.Ē

Well, thanks. For the reminder, or the twist of the knife, whichever that was supposed to be. Now can I hang up and get back to work?

26 January 2005

Wooden wind chimes, at rest in the rain.

Believe it or not, the toughest thing for me to deal with right now isnít the Boss and his interruptions, itís the fact that people promising to pay us arenít coming through, and Iím having to scrounge up enough money to actually pay these taxes Iíve been working on all month. I might have to lend the company enough to pay the state sales tax, if we canít collect from somebody by Monday. That situation actually has me more pushed out of shape than anything the Boss can do to me.

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Short-term borrowing on the company credit line has its own pitfalls (and costs). Borrowing from the Boss himself is painful for both of us, because he never lets me forget that he needs to be paid back as soon as something comes in. Lending money to the company from my own credit card is something Iíve done in the past, but itís really not good for either me or the company, and itíll be such a last resort that itís totally off the map.

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