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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

We still have two weeks left in January, I think, so Iím pretty pleased with myself for working on the W-2s today. Itís not even close enough to the deadline that Iím in a panicky mood. But of course, these are forms that go to individual human beings, not the faceless government bureaucracy, so thereís that element to get me going.

Well, they do go to the faceless place, but that part isnít due until the end of February. Unless theyíve changed the rules this year, which is entirely possible, in which case I have no idea, nor any desire to check it out. Until the deadline, of course, if such there be.

I have a new coffee maker, as anyone on the notify list already knows. (Well, anyone on the list who actually reads my meandering notifies, that is.) So I made two pots of coffee today, regular first thing this morning and decaf at noon when I got back from my errands. Thatís a lot of (a) caffeine, and (2) battery acid, or whatever it is in coffee that sometimes feels like battery acid.

I know, I know. I was making resolutions earlier this month, and giving up coffee would have been a wise one to make. I guess Iím just not that wise. Iím weak like that; there are vices I can give up, and mini-vices I donít even bother testing myself on.

Iíll tell you one thing, though. When I was driving to the store after drinking a whole ten-cup pot of regular coffee, I was really, really alert. Even a leaf floating past my windshield caught my immediate and focused attention. Iím a good driver even under bad conditions, so when Iím that attentive, I could probably pilot a stealth jet. And land it on a dime. (Or one of those shiny new nickels that you can see from outer space.)

Itís been a day of schizoid weather. Sometimes the sky has looked perfectly blue, as a sky should look. Every so often, though, it turns perfectly gray, and I even got caught in a couple of brief showers while I was driving. Iím glad they didnít last long enough to soak me, since Iíd grabbed a jacket that wasnít waterproof when I left the house. I have a lot of rainy weather gear, but none that Iím completely comfortable in.

So I tend to live in the hope that I donít get caught out in the rain. Today, for some reason, thatís mostly how it worked out. Maybe that means something in the big cosmic picture, but I doubt it. In fact, Iím sure it means nothing other than one good day, but Iíll take it. One good day at a time, for as long as it lasts, and then probably a bad day, but with the hope that a new streak of good days is just around the bend.

18 January 2006

By sundown, the sky looked something like this.

Naturally, I didnít finish the W-2s today. I got to a point where I was satisfied that Iíd done more than I expected, patted myself on the back, and took a coffee break. My new coffee maker shuts off automatically after two hours, so I have to be sure to get all my breaks in during that time frame. Itís either that, or make another pot. Which isnít a bad idea, come to think of it.

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I think Mr. Coffee shuts off by himself to protect his own reputation. You canít pour a cup of five-hour-old coffee, take a sip, and pronounce it swill and blame the coffee maker. There isnít any coffee that old, unless youíre willing to reheat it in the microwave, which Iím not. Iíd rather brew a new pot, with clean water and a new filter and a few scoops of fresh grounds.

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