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Friday, January 20, 2006

Things didnít go so well again today, but I think I handled it better than yesterday.

When my car wouldnít start this morning, I knew what I had to do. I walked away. I locked it up and went back in the house for fifteen minutes, and when I tried again it started just fine. It started again at the post office and the gas station and the mall where I got my hair cut. I was taking a big chance making that many stops, but from past experience it seems it wonít refuse to start more than once in a day.

That car sure is muddy, though. If I get the mud removed from my driveway this weekend, as the landlord promised, I can wash my car and take it in for its scheduled major service next week. Iíll have to take it in next week either way, but it would be nice if I could hose most of the mud off it first. Then it wonít be quite as embarrassing to leave it with the dealer (who will wash it again, as always).

As badly as the day started, getting my car filled with gas improved my mood. And getting a haircut really helped, although I donít think itís any better than any of the dozens of haircuts Iíve complained about over the years. They never quite get it right, but at least this stylist made an effort. Or maybe she just made an effort to pretend to make an effort. Anyway, she got a nice tip for her effort, real or imagined.

What really made this day better (aside from the fact that I made it home and didnít have to go out again) was that I got some work done. Iíll have the W-2s ready to mail by Monday, and I got all the bills paid I could possibly pay (mostly because the company checking account is down under $400; weíre going to need a little help before I can do next weekís payroll — even my own).

18 January 2006

Rooftop sunset.

I can keep wishing things will get better, but instead Iím probably better off taking things as they come. A day when thereís a slight uptick helps a lot, even if it doesnít have much impact on the grand scheme. I still have more work than Iím comfortable with, all due within the next eleven days. But Iím a lot more comfortable with the idea that itís possible than I was at this time yesterday.

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It would have been ridiculous to stage the first World Baseball Classic and allow the U.S. governmentís ban on Cuba to stand. I have my doubts about how meaningful this tournament will be, in the grand scheme of things, but the commissioner of baseball seems to think itís the most important event in the history of the sport on an international level. Itís hard to argue with that, whatever it means. But Cuba has won the baseball gold medal in three of the last four Olympic Games, so holding the WBC without them would rob it of any credibility at all. Did the government back down? Yes. Did they try to save face? Of course, by saying that Cubaís offer to donate its winnings to Katrina victims meant that they wouldnít be making a profit on U.S. soil.

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