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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

I missed the funeral of President Ford this morning, of course, since it was on at 7:00 am, and I havenít got up that early to watch anything on TV since the last Apollo liftoff. But since this was a National Day of Mourning, the post office was closed, and that gave me very little incentive to leave my house. I do have to go to the bank, but the bank will still be there tomorrow.

So I observed the sudden and unexpected holiday in the usual way, by working. Iím determined, despite my reluctance to make any resolutions I donít intend to break, to get through the year-end brouhaha more quickly than usual. Which is to say, something that should take a month but normally takes three months will, if I do things right, take a month and a half or so this year.

Since I didnít leave the house and therefore didnít drive my car today, I also didnít call Saturn to make an appointment for service. The car is due, and itís also been acting up again. Twice in the last two weeks, both times on cold mornings, it has refused to start — not the first time Iíve tried to start it, but the second time, after driving to the post office and doing my business there.

Both times Iíve only had to wait a few minutes before I could get the car started. The first time I just sat there, making plans to call for a tow. If Iíd had a cell phone, I probably would have made that call. The second time, I got out of the car, locked it, and took a walk around the neighborhood. Thatís something I could stand to do a little more often, but Iíd really like to choose the time myself.

Iíd made up my mind to call for service today, but then today came and I didnít do it. Thatís just how easily Iím diverted from my plans. Thereís nothing Iíve decided to do that I canít find a reason to put off until later. And now I have to go to the bank tomorrow, and I have to go to the office store the next day, and by the day after that something else will have come up, and unless I get stranded somewhere by a car that wonít start at all, itíll be at least next week before I get it looked at.

But thatís okay. Unless I do get stranded somewhere, of course, and then itís not okay at all. I donít plan to jump off that bridge until I come to it, though.

27 November 2006

Menacing clouds.

Ten protesters were planning to walk peacefully across the Golden Gate Bridge yesterday but were stopped by police, which disrupted traffic for hours. Letís get this straight. The protesters didnít disrupt traffic or break any laws. The police initiated the confrontation, because they were afraid of what the protesters might do. And this is in San Francisco! Heads will (or should) roll for this. Iím sure there must be some real crimes that people actually committed that the police could be occupying themselves with, instead of imaginary ones. Go to the airport, why donít you, and stop the terrorists from sneaking nail clippers inside lotion bottles onto airplanes.

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