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Monday, January 21, 2008

As usual, my Monday holiday was more Monday than holiday. And now there are only ten days until the end of the month, and I still have about ninety percent of the yearend and quarterly reports to complete. Not that thereís anything unusual about that, of course, but I did put in a solid dayís work, so I donít have any regrets about the Monday part of my Monday holiday.

The holiday part was unexpected. Tammy called me this morning to ask for some help with Kylie and Aidenís gymnastics class. Itís actually Kylieís class, because sheís been there before (once, last week), but Aiden wanted to try it out, and they needed one adult for each child. All the adults higher on the priority list being otherwise engaged, I was drafted for duty.

Itís a good thing I left the house a little early. If you know me, you already know that I drove around in circles for an extra fifteen minutes trying to find the gym. And even when I found it I wasnít sure I was in the right place, until Aiden shouted, ďHey, Uncle Mike!Ē I always know Iím in the right place when I hear those words.

He was very enthusiastic about his new endeavor, right from the start. The impossibly patient teachers of these two to four year olds kept them busy for three quarters of an hour, which is a long stretch for a short attention span. Aiden was ready to try anything. Kylie was a little more reticent, and she wasnít quite prepared to do anything at all unless her mom was close enough to rescue her, just in case. But she let me hold her hand as she walked across the balance beam. And she followed all the instructions and performed all the tasks with style and flair, while her brother simply plunged headlong into every new thing that came along. It was fun for them, even more for me, I suspect.

21 January 2008

Aiden crawls through the foam blocks. (Click the photo, just for fun.)

However, this morningís diversion did show up the deficiencies of my camera. I took bunches of photos, but none of them came out really great, and only two of them were even worth keeping. Thatís a hard thing to say when you have two of the most photogenic individuals in my acquaintance as subjects.

It could be the photographer, but Iím inclined to blame the equipment. The shutter is temperamental, and I could never be sure exactly when it was going to go off, so I ended up with several shots of an empty mat. And the flash didnít light up the room nearly well enough, so I also had a bunch of pictures of darkness.

We just canít have this, so when I can afford it Iíll be looking into something a little better suited to my needs. This one is fine for skies and trees and food displays, not so great for busy children, who donít keep still the way skies and trees and bowls of soup do.

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