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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sometimes I set aside Wednesday as my day to tie up loose ends, knowing ahead of time that there are no loose ends that absolutely must be tied. I wonít say I cheat and take a day off in the middle of the week, but itís sort of a planned low-energy day at a time when it usually comes in handy.

Today was Wednesday, but not one of those Wednesdays. Today I did the W-2s for The Kennel, and then worked on 1099s for The Company. All day long I did that, until I couldnít any more. Thereís something about sitting at the computer for eight hours straight that just doesnít agree with me. Thatís not the way I ordinarily work, so this was an unfamiliar situation for my body, and my body didnít like it.

This time it wasnít just my neck that got stiff. My rear end fell asleep by the end of the day, and ultimately thatís what forced me to take a break. I think Iíll survive, but many more days like this will have me seriously thinking about a lifestyle change. Working at home and doing nothing that anyone else would consider physical labor isnít supposed to be this hard. As the day went on, the breaks got longer and more frequent, but all that did was extend my work day into prime time.

Tomorrow is Thursday. Thursday is a highly structured day. I know exactly what I have to do tomorrow, because itís the same series of tasks I do every Thursday. And fortunately, there are exactly the right number of hours in your average Thursday to complete the assignment. Thatís a comfort in one way, but it also postpones the loose ends.

17 January 2008

Birds in the young oak.

So now Iíve managed to work myself into a situation where Iíll be spending my whole weekend trying to get to the bottom of the to-do list. Thereís only a week left before the deadlines, and Iíd have to keep up the pace I set today if I wanted to meet the deadlines only on weekdays. Todayís grand revelation is that Iíd never last the week trying to do it that way. Iím resigned to my fate and determined to get everything done on time. I just want to be able to get up and dance when I make it to that point.

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