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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bump-a-thump. Bang. Clang. I didnít know what was going on at the crack of dawn this morning, but I had to get out of bed to make sure my water heater wasnít about to explode. I needed to know if the noise was coming from inside the house, but the first thing I did was look out through the blinds in all four directions. I couldnít see much out of the first three, but Iím pretty sure there was some heavy equipment being mobilized across the road to the west. It was close enough to wake me up, but too far for me to see exactly what was going on (or to complain, as if that might help).

When I looked out toward the east, I saw something I rarely ever see. I think itís called ďsunrise.Ē I see a lot of sunsets, but this other thing comes at the wrong end of the day for me. It was pretty spectacular, though, so I put my shoes on and grabbed my camera and headed outside. I was still a little too groggy to make complete sense out of it, or to know for sure what the camera was pointed at, but what it really meant was that the rain had stopped! And when the rain stops, and the sun comes out, apparently you get a good splash of color.

Then I went back to bed. Whatever time it was (six? seven?), it was too early for me. I slept a few more hours and then got up and got to work. I worked and worked, but because I was getting things done, I didnít get tired. Sore, yes. My back ached and my neck got stiff, but I kept at it until I was satisfied that Iíd done as much as I could. Whatís left is a fair chunk of work to get done before the deadline, but itís nothing I donít think I can finish, so Iím okay with it.

26 January 2008


Driving to the post office this afternoon seemed like driving through a foreign land. There were lakes and ponds where none existed before. In many places the drainage ditches overflowed onto the roadway. There were fields (and Iím talking big country fields) that were completely underwater. It was freaky, because it wasnít raining at the time, and ordinarily these areas would have mostly dried up by the time I was passing by. The paper said we got two to three inches of rain, but I donít believe it. It had to be way more than that, based on what I saw today.

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