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Friday, January 25, 2008

At times over the last week or so, Iíve stepped back and looked at my work load and been simply overwhelmed. Iíve felt a wave of despair that thereís no way I could possibly get it all done on time. Deep down, I knew that wasnít so. All Iíd have to do would be to work a little harder, a little longer, and there would be no problem. But the to-do list is massive, and I get to cross off so very little of it each day that it seems worse than it probably is.

Hereís what happens next: Everything starts to fall into place, and suddenly the sun comes out. (Not literally; itís raining like a dam exploded.) As of now, the W-2s and 1099s are done, for both companies. Thatís a little molehill on the to-do list, and there are mountains of items yet undone, but for the first time I can actually picture myself getting through it all before the deadline (which hasnít shifted; itís still next Thursday).

It will take some genuine work. I canít be the guy who says heís going to spend the weekend ďcatching up,Ē and then spends the weekend catching up on all the back episodes of Gossip Girl recorded on my DVR. That doesnít mean doing something crazy, like getting up before ten in the morning, either. But once I start knocking things off the list, the momentum is going to get me through it all. I donít know if Iíll finish everything this weekend, but by Monday morning I know I wonít be stressed about getting done on time. Iíll be stressed, of course, it being Monday and all. But not about that.

20 January 2008

Looking east, from the garden (before the storm).

You know what could screw this up? I look out the window and see the mammoth rainstorm beating down on us, and I think back to earlier in the month, when many people lost power for several days (and I lost it for one whole day) because of a similar weather event. If that were to happen at just the wrong time (now, for example), Iíd be up a creek that would turn into a raging river before I could find a paddle. It probably wonít happen, but I have to worry about something, right?

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