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Friday, July 20, 2001

9:35 am. After a week away from everything (everything!), suddenly staying up until midnight seems outrageously late. Others have been staying up that late playing dice all week, but I've been retiring to my spot on the roof about eleven, usually falling asleep before the dice game ended.

Last night was the last night here for a few of us, so we put on music we could sing along with (those of us not interested in playing the game) and made a party out of it. Somehow the songs all seemed to be from the fifties or the seventies. I knew most of them anyway, even though sixties music is the sound I grew up with.

It all ended abruptly at midnight, so I really didn't miss much of my usual nightly ration of stargazing and sleeping.

Shasta Lake

The little doe atop the bank.

6:30 pm. David got back to the lake this morning, with some friends, so the quiet days are over. It's tough gearing up for a big weekend, when we're thinking we have just two days left of our vacation.

I went on a cruise with David and his friends this afternoon and got to know his girlfriend a bit. They've been together for a while now, and this is the first time I've really met her. I always like David's friends, because they're like him. The kids he hangs out with have always been smart and friendly and funny.

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