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Saturday, July 21, 2001

9:45 am. For a time last night, if I could have wished myself home (or just about anywhere else), I would have done exactly that. Eric and Bev both left, and I'll miss both of them. And a houseboat full of loudmouth drunks that I don't know (but everyone else does) pulled into the cove and started partying next to us. And about midnight, we had two more arrivals for the weekend, more people I've never met.

So for the first time since I've been here, I felt outnumbered. I just wanted a place to hide, so I went to bed early and stayed there late this morning. That's my answer when I'm overwhelmed — full retreat.

I do feel better this morning, even though it was a wild night and I slept only once in awhile. And I have no idea what the next two days have in store, just that they'll be different from the rest of the vacation.

Shasta Lake

Water sports.

5:15 pm. It's been a great day. I like all the new people on our boat (though I still have reservations about the Loudmouth Drunks next door).

We've spent all afternoon cruising the Pit River arm of Shasta Lake (the twelve of us left here for the final two days). Each area of this vast lake has its own unique character, and the Pit is like a landscape from another world, with its gray tree trunks poking out of the water all along both sides. With the water level as low as it is in this drought year, the trunks with their vestigial branches are like totem poles, each one different from the next. Some of them stand on the sloping banks with what looks like their entire root system exposed. You wonder what keeps them from sliding down into the lake, or at least toppling over. Some of them have done exactly that.

We followed the Pit until it was too narrow and too shallow, then came back the same way. We made a couple of stops to jump in the lake and cool off, and we stopped for ice cream at one of the marinas. I tried to stay in the shade as much as possible, and I kept myself covered with sunblock, but I'm still feeling roasted this afternoon. My feet that got singed a few days ago are still red but not as sore. My arms and neck seem to have taken the worst of it today. I'll try to stay protected as much as I can for the rest of my time here.

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