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Friday, July 16, 2004

12:30 pm. These are kind of low-key, low-activity (low- heart rate) days, so there isn't a lot of action to report. That's okay, though. That's not what vacation is about. Somebody has to do some work, though, or we just sit as the boat collects garbage and nobody eats and stuff. So far I've pretty much let other people step up, but I have been on a couple of garbage runs to the marina. (That's where we drop off, not pick up.)

I expect to do my share of dishes before I leave the lake, and I plan to fix my baked beans tomorrow night. Other than that, picking up after myself (i.e., throwing my own empty beer cans in the recycle) is about the extent of my contribution. There are a lot of things that need to be done that I just can't do, but that's okay because there are people here who would rather do something (even if it's more than their share) than sit for long periods staring at the lake.

So, you see? I all works out when you think about it right.

6:15 pm. This is that dead time of day, when the heat is more than oppressive. We (eight of us now) just got back from a boat ride, and it was hot even when we were moving. I don't eat much when it's like this, but I've slammed a lot of water. Now, I think it's time to get in the water.

16 July 2004

Clouds at sunset.

8:00 pm. No, I haven't been in the lake all this time, but I'm cooler and more comfortable now (if you care). The few wispy clouds we had earlier in the day are now blankets of red and gold scattered all across the sky. Because of the heat, we eat dinner quite late up here, so when we head up to the top deck in a little while, we'll have an even more spectacular view than usual. (And nothing about life on the lake is usual.)

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