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Saturday, July 17, 2004

8:00 am. The top deck of the houseboat is about half covered with a canopy. We sleep on the uncovered half, so that we can watch the stars as we fall asleep. Of the billions of stars in the night sky, it seems that most of them are scattered and strewn above Shasta Lake.

Last night was a bit different, because it was muggy, and the clouds began to hide the stars. It was also different because there are eight of us now, and my only spot was halfway under the overhang. I needed a place where I wouldn't get stepped on, but I still wanted to see as much of the sky as I could.

Some time in the middle of the night (time is sort of imprecisely measured up here), I heard something hitting the canopy. At first it sounded like corn popping, but then it sounded like what it was. Rain. It was a light shower, warm summer drops that don't really get you wet. While everyone else was picking up mats and sleeping bags and moving under the roof, all I had to do was scoot myself over about a foot. Eighteen inches, maybe.

With all that commotion, I still slept better than I did the first night. I woke up early and refreshed this morning, more or less ready for another day of Power Relaxation on the lake.

17 July 2004

Shasta Lake.

3:30 pm. We've been cruising around the lake — avoiding Shasta Marina, where a wakeboard tournament is jamming things up. This being the weekend, there are more boaters crowding the lake than usual, but it's such a big lake, with so many arms (and legs) and coves that there's always a way to find a secluded spot.

On our cruise we found a place to jump in and swim around for a few minutes. That's a must on a hot day, and we have nothing but hot days up here in the summer. In fact, that's what brings us here. Hot? Lake! Jump in!

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