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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Obviously I love all the little children of the world (and not in the W.C. Fields sense). I love spending time with D.J. and Dakota and Aiden, and Iíve never been bored when Iíve been around them. If this is sounding like a bit of a disclaimer, so be it.

When I went to watch Davidís softball team play tonight, there were no little children around. It was past their bedtime, or maybe Tammy didnít feel like taking them out in the night air, or maybe she didnít feel like sitting on the metal bleachers for an hour and a half. For whatever reason, I was pretty much on my own.

Now, I enjoy the games when the kids are there, but I donít really get to see much of whatís happening on the field. For some reason I get a little distracted when D.J. is talking a mile a minute, and when Dakota is quoting entire scenes from some random dinosaur movie, and when Aiden is quacking like a duck. I often miss entire innings, including any great plays my nephews might have made on the field.

Tonight I sat and watched a game from start to finish for the first time all season. I have to say that itís a completely different experience. Eric is still up at the lake, but in his absence David has taken over the teamís leadoff spot, and he got hits four of the five times he came up tonight (scoring two runs and driving in two). What a revelation! Who knew?

And the team won, although the final score is in dispute. I had it at 15-12. The ďofficialĒ scorer, who stands behind the backstop chatting up the girls and running off to the bathroom between innings, was one, two or three runs off my score the entire night, and he had the final as 17-12. You can bet that if heíd made a mistake in the other teamís favor, I would have let him know about it. (Not that it does any good. They lost a game earlier this season when the official scorer missed a run.)

20 July 2005

Faces in the sky.

I missed the kids, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching David and his teammates play ball. This is a team that doesnít take itself too seriously but, unlike some teams Eric and David have played on in the past, at least puts forth an honest effort and tries to play the game in a respectful manner. To me, that makes it even more fun.

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On the other hand, the Giants played a game that wasnít a lot of fun to watch this afternoon. When an outfielder drops a fly ball in a recreational softball league, he gets razzed and ridden by his teammates. When a major league outfielder drops a fly ball (even if heís a rookie like Adam Shabala), and when that drop costs his team a run, itís not a joke and itís not fun. You would think that a team facing a future hall of fame pitcher like John Smoltz would know that runs would come at a premium and you canít give any away. Thatís when you need your best defense on the field. Or maybe you expect to lose, so it doesnít matter who plays. Either way, todayís 4-1 loss to the Braves was a bit of an embarrassment, and starting pitcher Noah Lowry deserved much better support than he got.

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