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Monday, July 10, 2006

The phone rang at 8:20 this morning. That was about two hours after I woke up the first time and rolled over to check the clock by my bed, only to find that it was telling me nothing. Well, not the time anyway. It was telling me, blankly, that my power had gone off yet again.

So when the Boss’s ex-wife phoned at 8:20 and heard my voice, she said, “You’re not awake yet, are you?” I told her I had no electricity, so there was no reason to get out of bed. And there was no reason to stay up, but I was up already, so I gave it a try. There’s not much to do when you have no electricity and no running water. I sat down with the book I started reading yesterday and read for half an hour.

Then I went back to bed.

In my defense, it was an overcast, even foggy morning, just right for sleeping in. And I’ve been fighting sleep issues again lately, so I didn’t feel any guilt about catching up while I couldn’t do any work. I did call the utility company, and their recorded voice informed me that some power lines had fallen. The voice promised my service would be restored by 10:30 am.

10 July 2006

Bird atop the birch.

And it was, just before ten, in fact. And just before the Boss himself phoned for the first time today. At least he’s got the message not to call me before nine, although there’s nothing I could do or say if he did call me earlier. I reset all the clocks, took my much-delayed morning shower and got on with my day. And I still needed a nap in the middle of the afternoon. Go figure.

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The day before the All-Star Game is like a day without baseball (because that’s what it is). Discounting, of course, the Home Run Derby, and I that’s just an extended batting practice for sluggers. And no Giants will be appearing in tomorrow’s game, so there’s nothing for me to get excited about. Jason Schmidt is the only representative, and he won’t pitch because he threw about 100 pitches yesterday. Games resume Thursday, after the break. It was a good time for a break, I think, with so many older players on the Giants. They should come back with a little more fire in their hearts. Or whatever.

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