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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Yes, now, this is what I call a holiday. No picnics, no ballgames (except on TV), no fireworks (I can hear them but not see them). Just a quiet day enjoying my freedom at home. Thanks to the Founding Fathers for setting this all up, and thanks to the Greatest Generation for keeping it going, and thanks to the Bush Administration for being just barely too incompetent to ruin it all.

Hereís how my holiday went: I slept as late as I wanted and got up in time to watch the space shuttle not blow up (and later heard that the North Korean missiles did blow up, making kind of a cool symmetry to lead off the evening news, which I did not watch). I spent the day alternately reading and puttering around the house, but doing no ďworkĒ work.

The best part is that at no time today did I have to do two things at once. Itís not that I canít do two things at once, or that I donít like to challenge myself, but a day like this, a straight line from one task to the next with no waves or bumps is like a mini-vacation. Tomorrow it will be back to the usual chaos, full of noise and demands piling on top of each other. For one day, at least, Iím happy to escape from all that.

2 June 2006

Battle between dark and light.

The downside is that Iíll now have to cram two daysí worth of work into tomorrow. And since I still donít have this weekís time cards, and the payroll has to be mailed on Wednesday, Iíll probably have to make two trips to the post office. Iíll try not to feel guilty about doing nothing today, but come the end of July, when Iím up against all those deadlines, I might regret it. But at least Iíll have the beautiful memory of my holiday. Iím sure that will be a comfort then.

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With the Padres losing in Philadelphia, the Giants could have moved into first place with a win. Instead they played one of their worst games, in a howling storm in Denver. They had only four hits and committed four errors in a 6-1 loss to the Rockies, and that made the difference between first place and fourth place. But theyíre still only a half-game behind the three teams tied for first, so itís not like itís the end of the world or anything. It was a hideous game, but not the kind of loss that sinks your season (especially in this division).

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