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Monday, July 31, 2006

All I wanted all day today was for people to leave me alone, and I didnít try to hide it. There was no disguising the frustration and impatience in my voice, because for once I wanted to be brusque and abrupt and just the teeniest bit rude. Too bad it didnít work.

Well, I shouldnít say that, exactly. Eventually I got the point across, but I had to be a little more blunt than I wanted to. And I had to whine a little. It helped that the Boss called just as I was getting back from the post office, and I was hot about the cancellation notice we got on our health insurance. I thought Iíd dealt with this problem two weeks ago, when I faxed a copy of our canceled check and they told me they had credited our payment to somebody else. They told me they were going to fix it, too, but I had to phone them again today to make that happen. Bastards.

But anyway. The Boss called just at the moment when my blood was boiling the hottest. I told him about the insurance problem, and I told him (for the fifteenth time) that I have an audit tomorrow. I told him loudly and I told him clearly, and he backed off. I didnít hear from him again until the end of the day. Maybe you can hear my heart pounding as I write about it. Iím still that steamed.

So, the audit. Everyone knows (including me) that I sail through these audits, but the reason is that Iím prepared. And this time I havenít had any time to get prepared, because of the other problems Iíve been dealing with (amply and tediously outlined in recent entries). So what did I have? I had today. And what did that mean to the people who kept bugging me? Not a heck of a lot.

30 July 2006

Kylie chillin' in the stroller yesterday.

Iíll tell you one thing. I didnít do any excessive cleaning for the auditor, the way I have in the past. I didnít even do any trimming of the weeds along my walkway, as Iíd been intending to do for, oh, two months. Let him hack his way to my door, just the way people I actually want to visit me have to do. I just hope he doesnít fall in the hole the landlord left in my driveway. I suppose I should leave the cones there to warn him, but itís tempting.

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On the day of the trading deadline, what did the struggling Giants do to improve themselves? Absolutely nothing. While their division rival Dodgers, Padres and Rockies all picked up quality players, the Giants, who had lost seven in a row, stayed put. Then they went out and celebrated tonight by losing their eighth straight, 10-7 to the Nationals. One good thing about playing the whole game from behind is that your closer canít come in and blow a late lead, as Armando Benitez has done three times in the last seven losses. Despite the outcome, it was an emotional game that featured the ejection of Moises Alou, a bunt attempt with a 6-1 lead by a Washington player (who was very properly plunked on the backside by the next pick), and a highly disputed play at the plate in the seventh that would have kept the Giants in the game.

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