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Sunday, July 30, 2006

After a couple of cool days, it warmed up again today, but nowhere near the record high temperatures we had a week ago. Still, I managed to get badly sunburned at Eric’s baseball game this morning. My knees are a little pink, and my face is bright red. And I didn’t even stay for the whole game. That’s what I get for going outside one time all summer. Plus, those bleachers were hard, and I came home with a backache.

Not that I’m complaining, of course. After all, David was also at the game, with Aiden and Kylie. How could that be bad? There’s nothing quite as good as a two-year-old so glad to see you he jumps in the air. And I even got Kylie to giggle at me, which is no small feat. She reserves her jumping in the air for her daddy, though.

Aiden was all about exploring. He knew he wasn’t supposed to go above the bottom row of the bleachers, but he managed to make a game out of walking up and down the bottom step, asking sweetly for permission each time he made a move. “Could I go this way? Could I climb over? Could I go around again?” Yes, Aiden, and again and again and again.

Whenever Eric would come to bat, he became the focus of Aiden’s attention. “Hi, Uncle Eric. Do you have a bat? Are you going to hit the ball?” And then it was back to his other diversions. He decided I needed a ticket, for some reason. “Uncle Mike, I’m going to go get you a ticket.” And he did. He walked behind the bleachers and found a maple leaf on the ground and brought it to me. “Here’s your ticket!” he chirped.

Just before they left, he walked to the other end of the bench and pretended to pick something up, then brought it back to me, announcing, “I got you some eggs, Uncle Mike.” Only he wasn’t pretending, and it wasn’t eggs. I did cosign the fact that it came out of a bird, though. Fortunately, one of the players’ wives had a Wet One and offered it to me right away. I thanked her for saving my life.

30 July 2006

Aiden gives Eric batting tips.

I’m not worried about the sunburn. From past experience I can tell you that by tomorrow my face will look more brown than red, and within a day or two the burning feeling will be completely gone. I’ve had bad sunburns that would peel, but this is nothing like that. I think I’m kind of lucky that way. I also think I’ll be staying indoors mostly for the next few days, though.

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After a two-hour rain delay in Pittsburgh today, the Giants and Pirates resumed their scoreless game in the seventh inning. The Giants took a 1-0 lead on a Todd Linden home run in the eighth, and that looked as if it would be enough. But the Pirates scored in the ninth off Armando Benitez, handing him his third blown save in a week. And they scored again in the tenth to beat the Giants, 2-1, and send them on their dreary (and delayed) flight home after a winless road trip. In fact, they’ve lost seven in a row and are dangerously close to playing themselves out of contention. (They’re still a game ahead of the last-place Dodgers, though, so it’s not a total loss.)

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