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Thursday, July 3, 2008

As I stepped outside my front door the first time this morning, there was a familiar scent in the air. The smoke was back, although the sky above was still blue, and the air seemed clear to the south and west. Then, as I pulled out of my driveway and headed toward the northeast, the horizon was dim and hazy, as it was for most of June. The smell of smoke was stronger when I got to the post office, leading me to believe something was burning fairly close to home this time.

The wind blew madly through the grasses and trees all day today, but the smoke must have stayed where it started. The sky was still blue late in the afternoon, and the horizons that I could see were still clear. My view of the northeast quadrant is totally blocked by trees and fences and my landlordís shed in the adjacent lot, so I couldnít say how things looked in that direction, but the smell of smoke wasnít as bad later in the day, so Iím hopeful.

Some people are probably nervous about the holiday. I know I am, but not necessarily for myself. I think my yard and house are as safe as I can make them, but I do plan to stay home and observe the neighborhood, just in case. Some Fourth of July fireworks displays have been canceled, especially in areas that have been hit hardest by the fires. I guess I can still see the appeal, but I feel as if Iíve seen all they can show me in the way of fireworks. Colors, lights, loud noises. Itís like a video game in the sky, not the kind of thing that motivates me to leave the house.

1 July 2008

Streaking clouds.

But really, who am I kidding? Because both Santa Rosa and Sebastopol had their fireworks shows tonight, and at about 9:30 pm, when I heard the first explosion, I immediately went out on the back porch and watched the sky light up in two different directions. I couldnít see much, but I didnít need to. Itís good to know that some traditions have lasted this long, and that people who enjoy such things arenít disappointed. The neighborhood dogs didnít like it much, though. Their barking was as loud as the fireworks.

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