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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Whatever you might have read or heard about cooling temperatures in California aiding the efforts of firefighters, its all a lie, as far as I can tell. We are expecting temperatures over 100F all week, and the smoke in the air has been so thick it almost feels solid. Even though today was payroll day, I had to take most of the afternoon as one long break. Sitting in front of the box fan helped some, but I was still stewing in my own sweat.

This time I did something about it, though. I ordered a portable air cooler. Since I cant have a window air conditioner in this place, that was my best option. I ordered it on the company credit card. Then I called the Boss and told him about it. In my defense, he had mentioned that I needed to do something, and he was worried about my health (not to mention my productivity).

He was, actually, thrilled that Id gone ahead and placed the order. If this one doesnt work, he told me, well junk it and get a better one. If Id known hed have that attitude, I would have ordered the better one in the first place, with one-day shipping. The ones I thought would work for me werent available in the store, so I had no choice but to order it on line. I didnt get the cheapest one, but I did get one I thought I could pay for, just in case the Boss balked.

1 July 2008

Over my roof, a week ago.

So, at least for the next heat wave (and theres every indication that it will be a long, hot summer, especially by Northern California standards), Ill be ready. Today I had to finish my payroll after it started cooling off in the evening. Those are hours Id prefer not to work, if at all possible. On the other hand, this being July, Im going to need to work those hours and all the hot hours before them, just to get through the month. When time slips away, it never comes back. And Im grateful that at least the nights are staying fairly comfortable, so far.

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